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2024 Individual Independence Plan Information



Thank you for your interest in the Independence Blue Cross Individual plans for the 2024 plan year. 

With several health plans that you can choose from - you can likely choose a plan that will meet your needs and your budget. 

Independence, AM Better, CIGNA and OSCAR are offering plans in this area at this time. We're excited to talk with you and help you give through your needs to choose the best carrier.

Sometimes a little research goes a long way and prevents surprises. Speak with us to help do all the research and set expectations into PARTICIPATING Providers and Out of Pocket expectations. Not all Medical Carriers have the fullest network in all areas - we should be thorough to make sure all the providers you use and will possibly want access to are in the plans network first. Prescriptions are also an important consideration for many looking into coverage for the first time. 

Premium Relief by way of the Affordable Care Act sometimes called "Obamacare" or the ACA, offers a subsidy to help families and individuals in some circumstances make their payments and out of pocket more affordable. Healthcare.gov might be a term you have been hearing the last few years, well www.Pennie.com or "pennie" is the "Pennsylvania Insurance Exchange". It is our State's official www.Healthcare.gov administrator. All PA residents use Pennie to secure their Advanced Premium Tax Credit.


Instructions enclosed:
Add our office as your Pennie broker to help you all year!  


2024 Individual Independence Broch Cover  2024 Individual Independence Brochure


2018 Individual Rates Sheet




2024 Individual IBC Rate Sheet 



How to Apply and Pay



How to Apply - Application 


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